Libby Jaquith

After successfully breastfeeding 3 of my children, I never expected I would have so many problems feeding my 4th. Annie had a terrible latch and was not gaining weight, and I could tell that I was not producing enough milk as I should be. The thought of not being able to breastfeed her was devastating to me! That’s when I called Jen. She came to my home, and I was blown away by all her knowledge! My situation with Annie was worse than I thought. She had lost a lot of weight, and my supply was down to almost nothing. Jen helped me start a plan, to not only get Annie back to a healthy weight, but for me to build my supply back up. For 3 weeks Annie was primarily bottle fed, and when I was getting tired and losing sight of my goal, Jen encouraged me and reminding me of what I wanted. Annie is now almost 2 months old, at a healthy weight, and is 100% breastfed! If it weren’t for Jen, Annie would be formula fed right now. I am so thankful!